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Manish Mannani  is an experienced Vastu Consultant and has been practicing since 2016. After learning Vastu Shastra, he met a guru called “Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt.” By meeting his guru, he gained a solid foundation in the science of PyraVastu.

Dr. Jiten Bhatt has studied Egyptian, Indian, Mexican, Chinese, and other ancient concepts of Mind Power Tools. His research into these MPTs like pyramids, yantras, Mandalas, symbols, and many others led him to invent this new revolutionary power tool – Pyramid Yantra.Pyramid yantras are similar to Egyptian pyramids, but they work differently and can be used for numerous specific purposes.

The Pyravastu revolution is a new, dynamic and result-oriented vastu system developed by Prof. Dr. Jiten Bhatt. It does not simply utilize pyramids.This is a totally new concept created for the first time in history. The “Pynergy” within and around us is an interactive combination and permutation of the vital force.


Why Vastu is Important?

Vastu Shastra is a conventional Indian system of architecture (precisely translating to “science of architecture”) which helps in attaining happiness, prosperity, mental peace, and harmony in home and work place. It involves a scientific study of directions with the combination of the five elements of nature (fire, water, earth, and air and space) to create a balance between humans and nature and to pave way for happiness, good health, wealth, and prosperity.

Vastu can solve many problems like financial problems, marriage problems, and can improve your economic growth, social growth, mental health and helps to achieve success in every field of your life.

What is Pyravastu?

The science of PyraVastu creates balance and harmony through core-level corrections and pre-programmed Pyramid Yantras.Based on the laws of the universe and fundamental principles of subtle anatomy, it is a science. It utilizes our own inherent potential to bring about better tomorrows.

Pyra Vastu is a technique to achieve health, happiness, and prosperity by placing pre-programmed ‘Pyramid Yantra’ at appropriate locations. PyraVastu is ideal for correcting Vastu and feng shui problems without changing the physical structure, moving or destroying a house, shop, or factory.

Why Choose Vastu Expert Manish Mannani?

Expert in Vastu Manish Mannani has been researching, studying, and practicing Vastu since 2016, providing consultancy and support to the people who wish to benefit from Indian Vastu.Some of Manish Mannani’s 250+ clients include Corporates, Doctors, Lawyers, Actors, Chartered Accountants, Jewellery Shops, Hotels, Hospitals, Super Markets, Therapists, Industrialists, and Retailers.

The best vastu consultant, he is known for his simple Pyramid Solution that allows you to balance the energy and vibrations in your home or office without requiring any demolition.

“There is no end learning in life and I am always willing to be a part of learning life”.
– Manish Mannani (Vastu Expert)


Based on Vastu principles, provided opinions, reading, evaluation, and layout planning.

✡ Commercial premises:- Large or small offices in corporations, hospitals, and hotels.
✡ Industrial premises:- Large and small manufacturing units, sick units being revived.
✡ Residential premises:- Apartments, independent homes, or villas are considered residential premises.
✡ Re-selling Property:- Helping you out in selling your old property in the same way we help you to buy a new proeprty.
Mode of Services:

On-Site Consultation, Virtual Consultation and 1-2-1 Consultation

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Vastu Consultation Charges

500/- INR

Service Plan 1

1500/- INR

Service Plan 2

2500/- INR

Service Plan 3

2500/- INR

Service Plan 4

2500/- INR

Service Plan 5

2500/- INR

Service Plan 6

4100/- INR

Service Plan 7

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