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Tarot Rashmi has great experience as a Tarot card reader, and has helped her clients to live their lives better through Tarot.

Among her specialties are Marriage Counselling, Career Consultancy, Dissolving Extramarital Affairs, Financial Problems, Infertility, Unemployment, Property, Stock Market Solutions, Real Estate Solutions, and Legal Solutions. Since it is sensitive work, it creates a deep and thoughtful connection between her and the client, bringing them to a higher level of understanding and clarity.

She is a great visionary and versatile personality with multidimensional skills who has successfully changed the lives of millions of people by influencing their attitudes and ways of living. She has interest in palmistry, face reading, dowsing, colour therapy. She aims to present to the world a different definition of Tarot Reading by combining the old techniques of puja and other activities with a new concept of counselling. She has far more experience and expertise than people her age.


Why Tarot Card Reading?

Tarot card reading is the ancient art of predicting people’s future events by using cards that represent different things.Tarot card readers are capable of forecasting your future and performing various practices to help you plan for it.Reading tarot cards uses the energy that is emitted from the universe and your aura to point you in the right direction.Tarot cards can help us discover the right way to raise ourselves by tapping into the emotional and spiritual encounters we have with an open mind and a peaceful mind.The Tarot Cards are a spiritual medium or tool used by psychic Tarot Card Readers to help predict and plan your days, weeks, months and the entire year. The question of how cards can predict anything is common but to experience the mystic and precise predictions done by the Tarot card readers is what makes the experience so rewarding for the clients.With readings based on our past, present, and future, Tarot experts help us understand the purpose of our lives.

Why Choose Rashmi Ji as Tarot Card Reader?

Rashmiji is highly intuitive and uses tarot as a tool to connect with the Higher Self.She uses her knowledge of  tarot to give accurate predictions to her clients and suggest simple and effective remedies to help them find peace and happiness.

Rashmiji is India’s leading expert in Tarot science and has been using Tarot extensively to guide, counsel, and enrich people’s lives for years. She received her training in tarot card reading from some of the world’s most advanced masters.

The services she provides are based on her passion for tarot as well as her extensive knowledge and 10+ years of experience. She is one of the most respected Indian tarot card readers because:

  • Extensive experience, knowledge, and ability to understand every type of problem and situation based on a systematic and scientific approach to Tarot Card Reading.
  • Ability to provide effective remedies while Counseling.

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555/- INR

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2100/- INR

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