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About Rohit Gadkari (PHD Gold medalist in numerology)


Rohit Ji, an expert consultant in numerology, offers numerology-based solutions. As an expert, he has strong insight into numbers and numerology. His guidance and suggestions have been successful for thousands of clients. By carefully analyzing the date, name, time and place of your birth, as well as any other important details, he gives suggestions for modification, and then gives you tips on how to implement them. Rohitji is well-known for Numerology, Name Correction and Signature Analysis.


Why Numerology?

There are vibrations & frequencies associated with every number & alphabet.We are surrounded by large numbers of alphabets and numbers everywhere, and these numbers and alphabets have some sort of control over our lives.Basically, numerology is a science or mystic science that studies the effects that numbers and alphabets have on your life.Numerology can reveal information about the world as well as individual people.Numerology is often referred to as a universal language of numbers and letters.

Why Choose Rohit Gadkari Ji?

The Indian Numerology system explores the power of numbers and the relationship between numbers and objects (living or otherwise).Calculations in Indian Numerology are based on the value of every alphabet, thus, the numerologist aims to make a combination of alphabets like this that will give a balance of energies.

Numerology helps you find harmony in your life, peace of mind, and success, with the numerologist assisting you on your way.Accordingly, on the advice of an experienced numerologist, improvements can be seen by altering the spelling of names, number plates, company names, etc. This will alter the calculations and results.

In addition to his extensive experience and knowledge, he is passionate about this science.A few of the reasons he is one of the most respected Indian numerologists are:

  • Extensive knowledge, experience and ability to understand every type of problem and situation.
  • Systematic and scientific approach towards Indian Numerology.
  • Ability to provide extensive psychological aid while Counseling.

What Clients Say

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Numerology Charges

5000/- INR

Service Plan 1

11000/- INR

Service Plan 2

15000/- INR

Service Plan 3

5000/- INR

Service Plan 4

5000/- INR

Service Plan 5

Exclusive Package

19000/- INR

Service Plan 6

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