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If you have been suffering from your daily problems and want solutions for the same, then you need an Astrology expert and Pavaani Celestial can be your one-stop solution for astrology services. No matter what your problem is, they can help solve all of the issues.

They would require the specific details of your birth chart, and he will tell you everything about your life. It is possible to get to know everything about your past, current and future lifestyle.

Pavaani Celestial provides a broad range of astrology services at sensible rates.


Why Astrology

Astrology begins with the horoscope or kundli, which forms the basis of analysis.This is a collection of birth and chronological information about the position and influence of the planets and heavenly bodies on a particular individual. Astrologers study the effects and implications of planets and suggest solutions accordingly, which can be a combination of Puja-Anushthan and spiritual items, as well as certain do’s and dont’s.

Why Choose Pavaani Celestial?

Indian Astrology can be difficult to find an astrologer who practices it with integrity, honesty, and respect.Astrology is an ancient science, sometimes mistaken and deliberately presented as some kind of mystic power or related to supernatural elements. It was always founded on pure mathematical and scientific calculations and theories. This is a science which is strongly associated with astronomy, as evidenced by the similarity in their names, ‘astro’ meaning star or other celestial body.

Astrologers do not have universally accepted qualifications. An astrologer’s credibility can only be determined by the results in practice, by a successful experience, and by the reputation. Pavaani Celestial strives to make people aware of Indian Astrology’s correct processes, so they can benefit from them and not fall victim to unlearned astrologers who suggest magical devices.


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Astrology Consultation Charges

500/- INR

Service Plan 1

1100/- INR

Service Plan 2

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