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The Bharat Consultants Company was founded to assist needy individuals and help resolve their problems in order to better human life.

Our team is here to help, no matter if you are experiencing career difficulties or problems in your life.We have been offering our services to many clients and can proudly say that almost all of them have had positive results.

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A change maker in real terms!

From past few years we were facing some financial, social and health realted problems. Recently, some severe downfalls turned my life upside-down and then a wll-wisher suggested that I must get the vastu of my house checked and there my path crossed with Mr.Manish Mannani. He cam like blessings to us. His knowledge and minor changes which was easy to adapt has changed my life and brings huge positive energy to me. I would surely recommend Mr. Manish to my friends and families.
Mihir Sheth

Feeling so luckiest!

I always felt that no. 9 was my lucky number, it brought me success. Things soon changed. Rohit Gadkariji intervened and suggested that my current assets should total to no. 3 while the fixed assets can remain at no. 9. I made the change and my life changed completely! I would truly recommend Rohit Gadkariji, as he is the best numerologist I have ever found.
Mr. Rajesh

Her advices are worth-taking and really helpful!

I consider myself blessed that I know Rashmi. She is an amazing guide. She is always on point and she never beats around the bush to convey her message, that's what I like the most.She has abundance of knowledge that she is always willing to share. Her solutions provided were so effective, I can't say in words. Thank you Rashmi for all the knowledge and help. Way to go!
Kamakshi Soni

I never felt so good and relaxed!

I was facing few difficulties in my life personally and financially. But one day I cam across a genuine soul name Ami Parekh. I am taking Sound therapy and Reiki from her from last few days and I can see a great change in my thinking, personality, speech which helps me in resolving many issues of my life.
Mitali Parekh

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